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Hey all today we celebrate Meatless Monday with seaweed.

SEA VEGGIES, PHYTOPLANKTON, SEAWEED, SUSHI PAPER however these nutrient dense plants are known to you they are a powerhouse of lifeforce you should be adding to your diet.

Since I started adding sea vegetables to my diet I found my nervous system much improved, energy improved, weight loss, less PMS and womb issues and more. I love being able to add seaweed to many dishes including juices, savory dishes, salads, wraps, soups and detox broths. It’s important to source your sea veggies so you’re not consuming any additional toxins from the water where they are sourced from. Do your research and find out where the company you buy from gets theirs.

The benefits of adding sea vegetables  to the diet are numerous, The Asian cultures revere sea vegetables as a staple part of their everyday diet, a habit most people in North America would benefit from adopting.


• They are packed full of B vitamins (great for nervous system)
• They contain chlorophyll which helps restore energy and vitality (excellent for blood cleansing)
• The offer plenty of fiber (great for colon health)
• They often contain vitamins C, E and A (great for immune system, skin, hair and nails)
• Some contain calcium, magnesium and potassium (excellent beneficial minerals for the body)
• Some offer adequate protein to supplement the diet
• A little often provides a lot of satiety
• There are many to try so you never feel bored with them
• They often spice up traditional dishes for a new and interesting experience
• They are often inexpensive
• They won’t go stale because they are dried
• You can take them anywhere!

There are many different types of sea vegetables. Dulse is a type of seaweed, Nori is a type of sea vegetable even Irish Moss which is one that is popular in many countries when made into a egg nog like drink. In Northern Europe, people are known to use seaweed to bathe in, heal and soothe the body.

Here is a small sampling of seaweeds we can find on the market today:

• Kanten – Also known as “Agar Agar” this sea vegetable is clear and often tasteless; it looks much like gelatin but contains no animal product, so it is a good choice for a raw food diet. It is often used for pudding to thicken it or for pies. All you have to do is dissolve it in warm water or other liquid.

• Arame – This is a sweet sea vegetable, which is nice because many sea vegetables are more salty than sweet. It contains plenty of calcium and potassium as well as fiber.

• Kombu – This sea vegetable has lots of calcium, iodine, magnesium and even iron. You need only a small square piece of this sea vegetable to add to your favorite dish.

• Nori – Nori is often the seaweed you see wrapped delicately around sushi. The amount you see wrapped around sushi is about the right amount to use, times the amount of sushi you plan to eat.

• Wakame – This is a softer form of sea vegetable that contains lots of fiber and like bananas, also contains potassium. It does have a sweet flavor so you can add oranges, cranberries and walnuts to the salad for extra flair and flavor.

Here are ways you can get seaweed into your diet

Sushi Handrolls
Seaweed Salad
Chilean Seaweed Risotto
Kale with Seaweed, Sesame, and Ginger (dark leafy greens like kale are great brain food – full of antioxidants and vitamin A)
Seaweed Chips
Korean Sushi Rolls with Walnut-Edamame Crumble
Cucumber and Wakame Seaweed Salad
Seaweed and Watermelon Salad

Sushi nori is a great snack to begin trying seaweed, you can try a spicy version or you can try one that is sweet and mild to start with. Undoubtedly you will feel rewarded. Sea vegetables are definitely here to stay, and will certainly add a bit of life to any vegan diet!

First, seaweed is a vegetarian source of those brain-boosting DHA Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and other cold-water fish which nutrients have been researched and strongly suggest that DHA can improve memory and help keep diseases of the brain at bay.

Seaweed is also an excellent source of folic acid, which is a key nutrient for brain health in babies, children, adults, and into old age. Folic acid has been shown to improve verbal and memory performance. It is also needed to make serotonin, which affects mood in a positive way. In fact, depression is linked to low levels of folic acid. Getting enough folic acid while pregnant is important for fetal brain development.

Seaweed contains a lot of dietary magnesium, which is a key nutrient for reducing stress and protecting the body and brain from the negative effects of stress. It is also rich in lignans, which are associated with better cognitive performance in post-menopausal women.

Studies show it is not just the brain that benefits from seaweed but research suggests it may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

So CHOP, SLICE, PREP EAT, MUNCH, GRUB DOWN whatever you like, try it you may just enjoy it!!


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– 1/2 Organic Zucchini pasta (made with a spiral slicer or you can slice thin juilenne matchsticks)

– 1/2 Organic carrot made with spiral slicer or sliced into julienne matchsticks
– 1/2 Organic avocado sliced thinly
– 1/4 Organic yellow pepper sliced thinly
– 1/4 Organic red onion sliced thinly

– 1/4 Organic tomato sliced thinly with seeds removed so it is not watery (use seeds in a  raw vegan soup so as not to waste them)

– 1/2 cup Organic quinoa
– 1/2 cup spiced almond butter

Lay out the nori sheet and lay the veggies across the sheet put a line of spiced almond butter on first then lay the veggies and quinoa in a line beside it. (see picture above)  Make sure you veggies are sliced thin because the chunkier they are the harder it will be to roll.

When you have finished placing your veggies begin to roll start from the bottom rolling gently away from you and with your fingers curled over the top pulling gently toward you each time to roll it tightly. When you get to the end (you may have to stuff the veggies in as you roll along since they can fall out….this is a sign you have too much in the sushi paper or your veggies are cut to big. When you finish rolling gently with your finger wipe a little water on the end to seal the veggies in, roll the finished amount onto the wet edge and leave the roll on the seam to seal shut.

Using a sharp or serated knife gently slice into disks and plate along with your dips.


Spicy almond butter blend together till smooth himalayan salt to taste, 1/2 cup soaked almonds, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon dulse (seaweed flakes) optional 1/2 cup water

Put almonds into blender and add other ingredients. Slowly add water bit by bit so the blender can blend smoothly. If the blender gets stuck slowly add more water. If you add too much water it will be too watery, adding water bit by bit allows you to get the right consistency.

You can use any left over as dip for veggies later or the next day.

Use your fingers or if you can chopsticks to dip and to enjoy. Keep this as a recipe in your recipes it is quick and easy to make and packs a great nutritional punch. Women will benefit from eating this prior to their cycle as it contains so many nutrients they need at that time in the month.

Feel free to add other veggies to the sushi roll including beets, cucumbers, green onions etc. just cut them small enough to fit in the roll.

Nut allergies and seaweed allergies do not eat this.

If you want more recipes on meatless Mondays like my page for post updates.

Peace and Blessings


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In my efforts to find articles, write-ups, reports that share information to make the public aware of new and emerging health trends I discovered this article I believe more people should be aware of. I am NOT saying Doctors get things wrong, although what I believe is that more people should get a second opinion maybe even a third when having been diagnosed with illness. Doctors do a great job but sometimes it appears they may just not get it right. We know NO INDUSTRY IS 100% foolproof so why do we believe the medical system/industry is? Do your research and get educated about what your body needs to be healthy, don’t dump your doctor just begin to find out how you can work with your doctor to stay healthy.

If you are in need of trauma care or emergency surgery your green juice or superfood salad is NOT going to help in that instance. Find out what is available today in our world to stay healthy using traditional AND non traditional means combined. Below is an article highlighting some points that may make people wake up to some of what is going on in the NOT 100% accurate conventional medical industry.

Be healthy, be aware and do your research you only have one body! THE HEALTHY DIVA, 2015


It happens more often than you can imagine, but more Doctors are finally getting caught in the act of misrepresenting their oath and fraudulently diagnosing healthy patients with cancer to turn a quick buck from kickbacks on chemotherapy poisons. Why shouldn’t Doctors lie when the entire cancer industry is one gigantic fabrication from start to finish? Is it any wonder that cancer societies worldwide put a far greater financial initiative on chemotherapy and radiation research than disease prevention techniques? Preventing disease doesn’t make money, but treating disease certainly does.

Take Dr. Farid Fata, a prominent cancer doctor in Michigan who admitted in court one year ago to intentionally and wrongfully diagnosing healthy people with cancer. Fata also admitted to giving them chemotherapy drugs for the purpose of making a profit. Were his patients shocked? You bet they were. Who would ever suspect a Doctor of faking a diagnosis to collect money. It’s unconscionable. Yet it happens with cancer and almost every disease that medical doctors can generate income through kickbacks and commissions based on the volume of patients treated with specific pharmaceuticals. Like anything people are used as a comodity. “Many of these unscrupulous Physicians are like businessmen without a conscience.

The only difference is they have your health and trust in their hands–a very dangerous combination when money is involved,” said Dr. Sayed Mohammed, a retired Oncologist who admits seeing the trend more than a decade ago. “It is my choice,” Fata said on Tuesday of his surprise guilty plea, which included rattling off the names of numerous drugs he prescribed for his patients over the years. In each admission, he uttered these words: “I knew that it was medically unnecessary.” Fata was charged with running a $35-million Medicare fraud scheme that involved billing the government for medically unnecessary oncology and hematology treatments. The government says Fata ran the scheme from 2009 to the present, through his medical businesses, including Michigan Hematology Oncology Centers, with offices in Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Troy and Oak Park. According to the government, Fata had a patient load of 1,200 people and received $62 million from Medicare; he billed for more than $150 million. U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said she plans to seek life in prison for Fata, calling his case is “the most egregious” health care fraud case her office has seen.

She said Fata not only bilked the government — which is typical in such cases — but he also harmed patients. Lying with Statistics Prostate cancer is another great example which doctors falsely give prognoses about without giving patients the facts. A prostate (PSA) blood test looks for prostate-specific antigen, a protein produced by the prostate gland. High levels are supposedly associated with prostate cancer. The problem is that the association isn’t always correct, and when it is, the prostate cancer isn’t necessarily deadly. Only about 3 percent of all men die from prostate cancer. The PSA test usually leads to overdiagnosis — biopsies and treatment in which the side effects are impotence and incontinence. Repeated biopsies may spread cancer cells into the track formed by the needle, or by spilling cancerous cells directly into the bloodstream or lymphatic system. More than 90% of Doctors who encourage cancer treatment for prostate cancer will generate a commission from each treatment the patient receives. It proves risky and often deadly in the long run for most people who don’t understand how to take care of their health and are persuaded by false statistics.

Dozens of excellent large studies have been done on men who have had cancer discovered in their prostate with a biopsy. In over 97% of the cases this cancer either never spreads outside of the gland to cause harm or the patient dies of something else long before any evidence of cancer spreading outside of the prostate occurs. In that 3% where cancer is aggressive and harms the patient, it has already spread beyond the limits of surgical resection long before discovery; thus, these men are not helped by surgery either. After at least seven years of post-college graduate medical education on the emotional, mental, and physical condition of the human being, you would expect a physician to be a powerhouse of goodwill for his or her patients. Unfortunately, too many doctors fail to keep the welfare of their customers at the forefront, as their main concern. The needs to boost their own egos, self-preservation, and the quest for more money often result in inappropriate care and harm to the patient. Most women are often told that hysterectomies lead to many different cures for cancer and other ailments. This is misrepresenting the truth.

The research done so far has demonstrated no improvement in survival regardless of the aggressiveness of many of these unnecessary treatments. Breast cancer screenings also result in an increase in breast cancer mortality and fail to address prevention. Despite no evidence ever having supported any recommendations made for regular periodic screening and mammography at any age, malicious recommendations from the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) on breast cancer screening are now suggesting that breast cancer screening should begin at age 40 and earlier in high-risk patients. Published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR), the recommendations released by the SBI and ACR state that the average patient should begin annual breast cancer screening at age 40. They also target women in their 30s if they are considered “high risk” as they stated. The rate of advanced breast cancer for U.S. women 25 to 39 years old nearly doubled from 1976 to 2009, a difference too great to be a matter of chance and more about diagnoses.

A disturbing study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is bringing mainstream attention to the fact that mammography has caused far more harm than good in the millions of women who have employed it over the past 30 years as their primary strategy in the fight against breast cancer. It always has been and always will be about the money. It is not time to recognize the trend? Chemotherapy Does Not Heal The Body–It Slowly Destroys It Chemotherapy boosts cancer growth and long-term mortality rates. Most chemotherapy patients either die or are plagued with illness within 10-15 years after treatment. It destroys their immune system, increases neuro-cognitive decline, disrupts endocrine functioning and causes organ and metabolic toxicities. Patients basically live in a permanent state of disease until their death. The cancer industry marginalizes safe and effective cures while promoting their patented, expensive, and toxic remedies whose risks far exceed any benefit. This is what they do best, and they do it because it makes money, plain and simple.

The reason a 5-year relative survival rate is the standard used to assess mortality rates is due to most cancer patients going downhill after this period. It’s exceptionally bad for business and the cancer industry knows it. They could never show the public the true 97% statistical failure rate in treating long-term metastatic cancers. If they did publish the long-term statistics for all cancers administered cytotoxic chemotherapy, that is 10+ years and produced the objective data on rigorous evaluations including the cost-effectiveness, impact on the immune system, quality of life, morbidity and mortality, it would be very clear to the world that chemotherapy makes little to no contribution to cancer survival at all. No such study has ever been conducted by independent investigators in the history of chemotherapy. The only studies available come from industry funded institutions and scientists and none of them have ever inclusively quantified the above variables. Why? Money, greed and profits run the cancer industry–nothing else. The cancer establishment must retreat from the truth to treat cancer because there will never be any profit for them in in eradicating the disease.

There is no governing body in the world that protects consumers from being subjected to these toxic therapies or even known carcinogens in our foods our environment, because that too, will prevent the profits from rolling in. It’s a business of mammoth proportions and must be treated as such. The most powerful anti-carcinogenic plants in the world such as cannabis must be demonized and be made illegal because they are so effective at killing cancer cells without side effects. Cannabinoids are so efficient at treating disease, that the U.S. Government patented them in 2003. If a “magic bullet” were used FIRST by orthodox medicine, meaning the cut/burn/slash/poison treatments were avoided, a 90% true cure rate would be easy to achieve. But the fact is that the leaders in the medical community have absolutely no interest in finding a “magic bullet.” A “magic bullet” would cost the drug companies hundreds of billions of dollars, and patients would have less hospitalization and less doctor visits, etc. You might ask your oncologist why your chances of survival are only 3% (ignoring all of their statistical gibberish such as “5-year survival rates” and deceptive terms like “remission” and “response”), when your chance of survival would be over 90% if they used something like DMSO. Actually, bring up DMSO to any oncologist and most of them won’t even talk to you about it.

Why? Because DMSO is a natural product, cannot be patented and cannot be made profitable because it is produced by the ton in the wood industry. Dr. Farid Fata is only a consequence of the system. Like him there are thousands of legally practicing Doctors and oncologists in the United States and abroad who are guilty of the same crimes, but because they fly below the radar, they are never caught. As we continue playing this charade of making the public believe that poisons treat cancer, people will continue to die, and Doctors will continue to make money up to the day of their patient’s death.

Every once in a while, we may catch a few (of the many) like Dr. Fata, who self-destruct due to their own greed. We will claim they are outlaws, banish them and tarnish their reputations based on a perception that a healthy person should never be unnecessarily subjected to chemotherapy for money. So we can harshly judge and legally prosecute the Doctor who falsely prescribes poison to a healthy person for money, but we proudly accept the Doctor who prescribes poison to an unhealthy person for money. I find that truly mind blowing.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment. Sources:


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The releasing, healing, empowering, clarifying, acknowledging, self caring, honouring of peacefulness, abundance and health in our lives is explored and taught. The time to learn how to self heal, bring in abundance, clarify and empower yourself through womb flushing using steam, herbs, crystals, meditation, dance, sacred foods, water, essential oils and love is now!

WOMB & PROSTATE PRACTITIONER THE HEALTHY DIVA has created a program you will be able to use at home once you have done this class to continue your healing journey with these ancient rites for men & women. The benefits of cleansing and purifying the womb & sacred center on a regular basis allows for healing, clarification, abundance, self love etc to flourish & for you to be nurtured and for the “self” to prosper.

The benefits includei

– Pre and Post Menses Support

– Strengthen erection and tone up male reproductive system

– Safely detoxify male reproductive system

– Fight Infection

– Fibroid, cysts, tumor shrinking, minimizing or elimination altogether.

– Increase Cervical Fluids

– Nourish and Tone Uterine Lining

– Prevent and Ease Bladder & Kidney Stones

– Ease Headaches and Lower Back Pain

– Balance Hormones

– Correct Digestive and colon issues –

Soothe the Nervous System & more.

I introduce to you my MALE and FEMALE HERBAL STEAM PRODUCTS and SERVICES, with these products and services you can spend as little as $20 and change your life fundamentally by purifying your lower Chakras/Arit’s and making the SAME FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES I MADE and step into your ABUNDANCE. Today so many people are struggling to maintain health, the MALE and FEMALE HERBAL STEAM TREATMENTS not only bring you into alignment mentally, physically, emotionally but also financially.

By focusing on the herbs that benefit the root, sacral and solar plexus Chakras/Arits the proprietary blends are delivered in wisps of soothing steam clearing, energizing and transforming you effortlessly (you notice a change immediately during and after your treatment).

If you are interested in DOING A SMALL AMOUNT OF WORK FOR A BIG GAIN to help you heal, energize, purify, detoxify and clarify in the privacy of your home take a class and learn how to make 2015 the most powerful and magical year ever GET ON BOARD NOW!!

Classes online and in Toronto, Canada for 2015 are filing up fast the MENS HERBAL STEAM and the WOMENS HERBAL STEAM class in January 2015 has several spaces left. If you’re serious about clearing the programming, food, air, water and environmental chemicals, generational toxicity, stagnant relationship waste and more from your body and energy fields doing this may change your life… only have to believe in yourself and try….aren’t you tired of the same old same old year in year out???? If so BUST A MOVE!!

****************NOTE*************** A male client of mine who had prostate surgery for cancer…(he is African American and 45 years old) was in pain and still suffering from the poor aftercare he had been given by his physicians (he was given none) He came to see me after suffering for about a month after his surgery. He was passing blood, unable to walk, sit, sleep without pain and feeling the life ebb out of him daily. I spoke with him and suggested he do one thing from my HERBAL STEAM program that cost him $2.00 yes $2.00…in less than 48 hours he was up and walking, sleeping and stopped passing blood!

He purchased the HERBAL STEAM program immediately after seeing this transformation, he is steadily improving and is thrilled to have found my HERBAL STEAM program. If you or someone you know has prostate or reproductive issues or wants to improve their reproductive system health then this is for you or them!!!!.

The MALE and FEMALE HERBAL STEAMS are known to greatly benefit the reproductive system in areas of:

– FIBROIDS, CYSTS and TUMORS minimizing or dissolving them altogether




This Toronto, Canada (not online) classes are held in a boutique healing space which is limited to having 6 spots in each class. If this is for you join us and learn this ancient healing technique that benefits men and women.

Peace and Blessings



AS THE VEILS OF ENERGY SHIFT, many of us don’t feel ourselves from day to day…Take a look at the lists below to see what you may be doing that lowers your frequency and vibration, and what you can do to raise it and feel better.

TO RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY and VIBRATION check out the following:

Eat more ORGANIC green leafy greens (non organic leafy greens have too many chemicals, pesticides, toxins etc. in them that transfer to the bloodstream within a short time of consuming them…in other words you are paying someone to poison you…F.Y.I. organic greens cost less than $5), beetroot, raisins, figs, watermelons, dandelion greens, almonds, high raw foods daily or weekly. spending time outside, enjoy the sunshine, doing weekly salt baths (detox the aura and realign the polarity of the body) grounding (earthing), hug a tree..yup this does work, laughing, smiling, share passion, walking on the beach (or just walking), exposure to greenery & nature, breathing deeply, yoga, classical & relaxation music, smelling lavender or other pure essential oils, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, love, joy…speaking your truth.


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BELIEVING FEARFUL thoughts, hard alcohol, junk food, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, toxic relationships, toxic thoughts, toxins from environment, toxic cleaning products (including fabric conditioners), toxic personal care products, foods with the ingredients you can’t even pronounce, excess red meats (or meats at all considering the way it was treated), white sugar, medication, radiation exposure, consistent toxic music, yelling, arguing, holding onto the past, repeated anger, resentment, guilt…

These lists can be added to and can be much longer, but the few things listed here are a great place to begin to shift your frequency and vibration. Pick one or two and try to add or delete them in your daily life. Try to do this for the coming year and watch your life unfold…TAKE YOUR FREQUENCY and VIBRATION back!!!

Living from the inside out and speaking my truth,



#1. Better way to peel mandarin orange.
#2. Use orange peel for candles.
#3. Ice cream without dairy. Just ripe frozen bananas with a little water.

#4. Grate organic lemon rinds and freeze. Add lemon zest to salads, smoothies, cold and hot tea, and water. The rind has more antioxidants than the lemon juice.
lemon zest

#5. A watermelon fruit bowl.


#6. How to pick a ripe avocado.

#7. Fruit cubes.
#8. How to keep apple slices fresh.


#9. Cut lemons lengthwise, it makes it easier to get juice.

#10. Proper way to cut a mango.

#11. Drink fresh apple juice for vivid dreams.

#12. How to make dried fruit without a dehydrator.

#13. The perfect apple snacks.

#14. Easiest way to deseed pomegranates. Cut it in half as normal, push out the center a bit, then just start whacking the back of it with a wooden spoon into a bowl.
#15. Best way to open a banana. This is how monkeys do it too.

#16. Frozen grapes make the best snacks. They also chill wine without watering it down.

#17. Cut ripe peeled bananas into smaller pieces, then freeze so they are ready for smoothies and make it easier on your blender.
#18. Easy way to remove the strawberry leaves.the-14-fruit-hacks-that-will-simplify-your-life-2

#19. When storing leftover avocado in the refrigerator, keep the seed inside the avocado, it will stay fresher longer. 
images (1)

#20. Freeze watermelon so you can enjoy watermelon smoothies or other watermelon  drinks anytime of the year.
#21. Freeze avocados to use at other times. Cut them in half, peel and remove seed. Place into plastic bag and freeze.

Source via: healthy body now


Years ago as I was suffering with heavy clotting, cramping, cravings, weight gain etc. during my menstrual cycle ever since I was in my teens, I was grateful when a friend and wellness practitioner associate suggested I use a menstrual cup. What’s that I asked? My friend went on to explain it is a medical grade silicone cup no bigger than the gap between my thumb and forefinger which was soft and pliable to the touch used for your cycle.

She explained that it is used INSTEAD of toxic tampons, pads, panty liners etc. It is a “cup” used to collect the menstrual blood,then washed and reused. My friend said it would help with cramping and possibly ease some of  the issues  I was experiencing with my  cycle!

That was eight years ago and I have not looked back since…and yes she was right!

Coming from the cultural background of African American I was skeptical about tampons (this is a trend in many culturally diverse communities…no tampons..pads only is the norm) and only used pads, (this is changing with the younger generation of women) as I was also athletic and was involved in many more sports as I got older, I eventually became a convert…I had moved over to tampons!!! I had forgotten the scare with tampons and TOXIC SHOCK because I didn’t use them ….”that much” I  was FALSELY feeling a sense of protection because I didn’t use them as much as other people…LOL. I bought the best ones on the market…the tiny ones you can hide in the palm of your hand…I thought that since the INDUSTRY had policed themselves with the whole TOXIC SHOCK thing…the SCARE was now over NOT LIKELY. I did not know that the PURE and WHITE tampons  CREATED BY A FEMALE GYNAECOLOGIST was still causing my FIRST and SECOND day of my cycle to be EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL.

As soon as I discarded the toxic feminine products my symptoms drastically reduced to where they are non existent today. Of course I also changed my diet and eliminated sources of toxicity in my other personal care items and am glad I did. I did not know about Dioxin or the other toxins embedded in my MONTHLY SUPPLY OF CHEMICALS STREAMING INTO MY BODY via these toxic products, AND I WAS PAYING FOR IT…BY BUYING THIS STUFF!!! I was PAYING MONTHLY to create this ILLNESS in my body!!!!!

Having ditched the chemicals which I put against my body monthly I started doing some more research to get knowledge and the word out to other women about this DANGER. I had more and more women coming into my health and wellness business with the same problems I had.

My research led me to articles like the one below which I believe more women need to know about.

Feel free to share it with as many women as you can because it may just save a life, you see the chemicals in the products are contributing to the rise in cancers like cervical, ovarian etc. fibroids, tumors, cysts, abnormal cells, heavy periods etc.

The article does not go into the many alternative products available on the market it just points out the DANGERS of using toxic products.

Search online for non toxic feminine products TODAY like non toxic pads, cloth pads and menstrual cups etc.

I have since created THE WOMB DETOX program that my clients have been using to remove the toxic residue from these products and have had much success. Switching to a non toxic feminine product is great but we still have to get rid of the embedded toxins still in our bodies that pose a DANGER.

If you or someone you know wants or needs to eliminate this toxic residue, current symptoms or improve your health because of womb trauma like heavy periods, PMS, fibroids, cysts, tumors etc. contact me for a complimentary 15 minute consultation to find out what you can do to eliminate the toxins,  pain or discomfort contact me today.

To your health.


…. Recently there has been much controversy regarding the presence of Dioxin, Rayon, and other harmful agents in feminine hygiene products, mainly tampons and sanitary napkins. Dioxin, which has been called one of the most toxic substances ever created by humans, is a by-product of the chlorine bleaching process used in the production of tampons and pads. Dioxin is potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing), and is known to impair the immune and reproductive systems.

Swedish studies have shown a link between tampons containing dioxin, and other chlorine by-products, and an increased risk of cancers of the female reproductive tract (especially the uterus, ovaries and bladder).

Rayon itself poses another risk. Unknown to most women, rayon and rayon-cotton blend fibers are widely used in commercial feminine hygiene products. Rayon used to make tampons is usually treated with chemicals to increase the absorption capability.

These super absorbent fibers then absorb not only the menstrual blood, but normal vaginal secretions as well, causing drying, and ulceration of vaginal tissues. The fibers can also become imbedded in the vaginal walls. Rayon fibers have been scientifically proven to amplify the production of Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin TSST1.

Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare bacterial illness that caused over 50 deaths between 1979 and 1980. Unlike medical grade cotton, upon which the TSS toxin will not grow, the rayon acts like a petri dish encouraging bacterial growth. What makes these toxic residues even more disturbing, is that they come in direct contact with some of the most absorbent tissue in a woman’s body.

According to a doctor at New York University Medical Center, almost anything placed on this tissue, including Dioxin, gets absorbed into the body.

Why is it acceptable to have toxic substances in our feminine hygiene products? The tampon industry is convinced that women need bleached white products. They seem to think that we view this as “pure” and “clean.” The fact is, if Dioxin puts women at risk for cancer and Dioxin is stored in fatty tissue (just like that found in the vagina), and a woman uses as many as 11,000 tampons in her lifetime, could the long term use of tampons increase cancer risk?

An FDA report said that “the most effective risk-management strategy would be to assure that tampons, and menstrual pads, contain no Dioxin.” Although the FDA currently requires tampon manufacturers to monitor Dioxin levels, the results are not available to the public. The dioxin tests, are done by the manufacturers themselves, who insist their products are safe. Tampon manufacturers are not required to disclose ingredients to consumers, although many will do so voluntarily.

How much Dioxin exposure is considered safe for humans? Why has there been more research done on the possible health effects of chlorine-bleached coffee filters than on chlorine bleached tampons and related products? Women need to demand that more research be done on these issues. We have a right to know about any potential hazards associated with tampons and related products. It is only when women fully understand the consequences that we can make informed decisions regarding our health and well being.

Writer’s note: Currently there are only a few non-chlorine bleached all cotton tampons available in the US. Ask about them at your local store, if they are not available, ask them to special order!